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February on the Flats

Had a sight fishing trip with Joseph and Ben from Germany. The guys came down to the Lower Keys to escape winter temperatures and fish the flats of the Florida Keys for the first time.

We started the day going after baby tarpon with Ben catching his first ever tarpon. We then hit the flats and hooked up with many nice barracudas in the shallows. Also, came across a few bonefish- had a good shot but weren't able to hook up. We finished the day with jacks, snapper and hooked up a big tarpon that broke us off before we could get him boat side. Thanks Joseph and Ben for a great day.

We've been getting hit with multiple cold fronts down here but the fishing has been good. During the warm-ups between the cold fronts we're seeing a few bones and permit; big tarpon are showing up as well. With spring approaching and the rising water temps the fishing will get better and better. February will see permit hitting the flats in force, tarpon in the backcountry, bones in the shallows and of course, more barracudas, jacks and sharks. I'm looking forward to the spring warm-up and the great fishing to come.

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