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March Madness

This report is definitely overdue. It's been a busy month and I would like to thank everyone for the calls and emails.

The fishing has been good with the flats really coming alive with activity. Tarpon are definitely coming in and on some days it's amazing how many there are. I'm also seeing bonefish and permit on the flats. Yesterday I went out on a solo prospecting trip and hooked up to a very nice bonefish that ran into a deeper channel where I was suddenly surrounded by rolling tarpon. I landed and revived the bonefish and made a cast to the tarpon and bam- hooked up to a big tarpon. Ended the day casting to tailing permit. Unfortunately, no luck there for a grand slam.

It is a great time to come down and fish the flats of the Florida Keys! Here are a few pictures of the last couple weeks:

Fished with Mary, Jeff and Todd- caught a couple of grouper and some nice mutton snapper on light spinning gear; which if you've never done, it is a heck of a fight and a lot of fun. Casted to some big sharks that were closely followed by jacks. This jack was a little faster to the bait than the shark was.

Fished with Dave, Melissa and Ethan from Georgia. We caught quite a few snapper for the dinner table and hooked up to a couple of nice tarpon.

Fished with Kliff from Texas. The tarpon were a bit of a no-show that day but Kliff did catch this huge barracuda which put on quite a show with some really nice jumps.

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